Welcome to the Groups Clinic

If you’re the owner of a social or professional networking group on LinkedIn or elsewhere and you’re dissatisfied with what platform management has done to your ability to operate your group(s), you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re looking to migrate your current group(s) or the membership of your current group(s) to another platform but are hesitant to embark on the process, you’ve also come to the right place.

The Groups Clinic provides (mostly pro bono) assistance to owners of social and professional networking groups on LinkedIn and elsewhere, who are seeking to restructure their hosting situation because the platforms on which they currently reside have made changes that have undermined their ability to function properly.

This assistance can involve 1) creating new groups on a different platform or 2) migrating an existing group to a new platform or 3) creating a “shadow” group on a new platform and migrating the group’s original members to that new platform over an extended period of time.

The objective is to salvage, for the future, the group owner’s investment and long, hard work in developing and nurturing his or her group.

Our associated consultants are themselves experienced and successful group owners and managers who have already been through what, as a group owner, you are contemplating and so, are able and willing to lend a hand in a spirit of open collaboration and cooperation.

Feel free to check out the additional information available on this website, then contact us to schedule an initial consult.