The Groups Clinic is an offshoot of…

NextSocial (formerly known as the Confederated Social Network, or CSN) initiative.  NextSocial is working to establish a 100% organic, open-sourced, and transparently-managed social and professional networking ecosystem that is free of autocratic algorithmic control and manipulation.

More on the details of NextSocial later. For now, suffice it to say that a significant portion of the impetus in the NextSocial initiative stems from recent events on LinkedIn, which involve still another LI Groups “revamp” that pretty much delivered to them the coup de grâce.

The current state of LI Groups has driven a serious number of group-owners to migrate or re-create their groups on either their own independent websites or other networking platforms. Many more group-owners appear to want to move but are being held back by a concern for the apparent complexity of doing so and the perceived risks involved of having their memberships disperse during such moves.

The members of the Ad Hoc Steering Committee of the NextSocial initiative believe these group-owners cannot afford to forestall acting until NextSocial and its member-sites are brought online — not if they are to preserve into the future the value of their efforts to date.

Consequently, we believe the best course of action for dissatisfied group-owners is to migrate their groups or memberships now or create shadow groups on other platforms to accept member migration going forward as soon as practical. In other words, do at this time what they will inevitably do later, after they have suffered even more damage and perhaps seen a major online resource lost to the rest of us.

We realized that we could facilitate this “re-settlement” process if we could attract group-owners who have previously made the transition successfully to counsel and mentor other group-owners who would gladly follow suit if only they had a hand to steady them.

The product of our deliberation is the Groups Clinic — which is basically a clearinghouse to bring group-owners together in an open and collaborative effort to preserve the viability of strong online social and professional networking groups. 

The Groups Clinic is managed pro tem by John Marrett and  Phil Friedman whose detailed professional profiles can be found on LinkedIn.

For further information or if you have questions about the Groups Clinic or the NextSocial initiative, please use the contact form on this website get in touch with us.

If you would like to discuss moving your group with someone who has been there and done that, please click the “schedule a consult” button on the Home page here.

And if you are a group-owner with experience in “migrating” your group(s) or group-members to different platforms and would like to help others do the same, please contact us with a brief summary of your details. All discussions will be kept strictly confidential unless otherwise agreed.