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…is comprised primarily of articles by seasoned networking group owners and managers about their experiences in re-establishing or migrating their groups to new platforms of both the independent and “major” mainline variety.

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A Word About (formerly known as the Confederated Social Network, or CSN), is the natural evolution of thought and discussion amongst a growing group of serious working professionals who have long been active in social and business networking.

Members of the Ad Hoc Steering Committee first crossed paths on LinkedIn in various LI groups, most notably those whose memberships were comprised of LI group-owners, managers, and moderators (LIGOMMs).

Increasingly dissatisfied and even dismayed by what appeared to be LI’s blind march toward the complete destruction of Groups, if not its complete self-destruction, several people gathered online to hammer out, which we believe to be the next major evolutionary stage in online social and professional networking.

The members of are not individuals persons. They are blog sites, websites, online groups, online networking platforms, and other internet entities whose core mission is communication and engagement.

Each member of NextSocial becomes a portal by means of which the members of that NextSocial-member are able to reach out potentially to all other members of all other NextSocial-members.

If that sounds familiar, that’s because it is. Especially if you remember what the Internet and the Web were originally supposed to be all about… before the major, for-profit networking platforms came onto the scene with their inherent propensity to control and manipulate the traffic they carried between their members.

When a blog site or website or a group or Groups-platform or a social or business networking platform joins NextSocial, it is provided with a free, open-source WordPress-based plug-in that provide it with a digital pathway to reach out to the more than 75million WordPress sites, as well as to the several millions of sites that are expected eventually to directly join NextSocial — and via those sites, to hundreds of millions of members dispersed across them. 

The result will be that small independent sites will have the same power to reach readers and members as do the huge mainline social networking platforms. And the internet will have a chance to be returned to its conceptual roots.

Big, ambitious goals? You betcha.

But those of us involved with the development of the believe those goals to be ultimately achievable. That is because the growth of membership does not have to be fueled by huge capital investment or venture capitalist IPOs but, instead, by the cooperative creation of mutual benefit.

The primary cost to a member-site in joining is allowing other NextSocial members to reach out to its members. And the benefit that member-site receives from joining is the exact reverse, namely, the ability to reach the individual members of all other NextSocial member-sites. Moreover, this will happen without any NextSocial member-site having to give up proprietary control of its own member or subscriber database.

This Groups Clinic website is an offshoot of NextSocial development work. It emerged from our realization that the owners of serious social and professional networking groups cannot wait for to complete its full development cycle before they take action to migrate their group(s) or members from the major networking platforms to more stable, independent and small hosting venues. And it results from the desire of those involved in the development of the open not-for-profit to help prevent the dissolution of social and professional networking groups which have, for more than a decade, been the backbone of serious engagement on the Internet.

If the concept of 100% organic networking, free of arbitrary control and manipulation appeals to you, watch for updates on the progress of in all the usual social media venues — and in some not-so-usual ones, as well. And when you see those notices, please like and share, share, share them. Thank you for your attention and support. TTYS! 

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